Cookery Classes

Upcoming Classes

All courses run from 10am - 4pm on Saturdays and include plenty of hands-on cooking and opportunities to test the food! A hand-out containing all the recipes and other relevant information will be given to each participant.

Numbers are limited to eight students.

Cost:  €70 which includes all ingredients and a comprehensive hand-out.

If you have a voucher please text or ring 087 778 1914 or email to book your place.

Next up:

 Saturday 26th October
An Introduction to Vegan Cookery (repeated)

After the sell-out success of the last few cookery courses, we are repeating this one for those we couldn’t squeeze in last time – there are a few spare places if you fancy getting to grips with the mysteries of tofu, the temptation of tempeh and how to make an egg free tortilla! A hands-on day of cooking and eating with an information-packed hand-out to take home.

Cost:  €70 which includes all ingredients and a comprehensive hand-out.

Sunday 27th October
Parent and Child Vegan Cookery Course  

Back by popular demand in time for a mid-term treat! our parent and child class. THis will be a hands-on introduction to vegan cookery. Including rice wraps, sushi and Buddha bowls it will help you and your child prepare quick and easy and fun meals together.

10am - 2pm this is suitable for children aged 8+.

€45 per adult and €25 per child. Text if you would like more information 087 778 1914

Festive Cookery Classes

Saturday 23rd November

Saturday 30th November

Fancy a change from turkey? Want to know how to make Brussels Sprouts the star of the show? Looking for a stunning vegan centrepiece for your table? What could replace the prawn cocktail? Find out on our original festive cookery course. A hands-on romp through several delicious starters, main courses, vegan trimmings and deadly desserts. We’ll guide you through a host of luxury recipes that will make your festive meal the one everybody wants to Instagram this December! Fact-packed hand-out included.

Cost:  €80 which includes all ingredients and a comprehensive hand-out.

Saturday 23rd November

Saturday 30th November

See some reviews from our last cookery class:

"I’ve done a formal cookery courses before but this is the first one I’ve truly enjoyed and felt confident I could make these recipes at home. The home environment also makes the experience! Thank you for a great day!"

"The pace was great – very flexible approach. Hands on, lots to eat! All questions answered."

"Brilliant day, so informative! Loads of food -  totally stuffed. Thanks so much – I’ll be back !"




New dates for the following to be confirmed:

Healthy Vegan Cooking   

A day of hands-on cooking concentrating on the lighter, healthier side of vegan food with plenty of simple but tasty salads, ‘Buddha bowls’, raw food combinations and alternatives to sandwiches, salads made with quinoa and noodles and a few energy snacks thrown in for good measure.

Cost:  €70 which includes all ingredients and a comprehensive hand-out



Indian Cuisine Cookery Course   

We are re-running this after getting many requests to do so. Spend the day learning how to cook (and eat!) food from India. A hands-on day of interesting flavours and fragrances. Get to grips with making your own curry spice mixes, the best samosa, chapatis and how to cook perfect rice (hopefully!). Each of India’s regions could take up a lifetime of cookery courses, but we will try to give you a Rough Guide tour of some of the ‘hot’ spots and a useful handout to take home.

Cost:  €70 which includes all ingredients and a comprehensive hand-out.



Worried about your yeast? Not sure if knocking down relates to your dough or a traffic offence? If you think Focaccia is an Italian swear word, then this could be the day for you. A fully immersive bread making day for anyone who has always wanted to make their own bread but didn’t know where to start. We will cook focaccia, spelt flour bread, granary bread, pita bread and maybe some other breads if time allows. There will be plenty of time to eat and smell fresh bread and also left-overs to take home. You’ll never want shop-bought bread again!

Cost:  €70 which includes all ingredients and a comprehensive hand-out.




Heading to college - Healthy vegan budget cooking for young people

A course for young people who may be leaving home for the first time and wish to follow a healthy plant-based diet on a tight budget.

We will make the delicious student stand-by, hummus for a tenth of the price of the shop-bought version, make a ‘not’ Pot Noodle with fresh ingredients, a simple pasta dish and stir-fry, cover one-pot meals using the cheapest ingredients that will pack in the protein and vitamins that a growing body and an expanding mind needs. Also, packed lunches with a punch – power salads and sandwiches, easy flapjacks and the magic of the avocado that will keep you away from the unhealthy and expensive takeaway lunch.


This course would also be suitable for TY students who are considering a vegan lifestyle.

10.30am - 4.30pm  €60pp 


Vegan cooking for confused parents

Have you a recent convert to veganism in your family? Are you trying to put them off because you haven’t a clue what vegans eat? We are here to help. This one-day course is suitable for parents on their own or accompanied by the ‘problem’ offspring!

We will be making some delicious and healthy soup, protein packed stews and refreshing salads which can easily be divided to accommodate the non-vegan family members at a later stage in the process. We will cover vegan alternatives for pizza and pasta and how to make delicious sauces, simple breads and cakes without eggs or dairy that everyone will be happy to eat.



Cook great vegan food for your friends without breaking the bank

Your friends don’t know what you eat, but are sure it must be horrible? Show them what a refreshing and healthy change it can be to enjoy a vegan meal. This one-day course will equip you with the skills to prepare a delicious three course meal to wow your sceptical friends and make you the talk of the town.

We will cover some surprisingly simple but delicious dips, how to knock up your own quick pita bread and how to make the avocado your friend. Main courses will include an easy-peasy but stunning pie, a deliciously quick curry and how to cook great rice. We will also produce stunning vegan desserts to round off your memorable meal.